Acoustic Insulation


Acoustic Insulation

FIBRANgeo Stonewool (Rockwool)
FIBRANgeo is uniform stonewool fibres produced from mineral rock. Once past the spinning phase, the loose fibres, with the addition of adhesive resin, oil and s...
LA Sheeting Insulation
A flexible, heavy bituminous compound produced with special additives which lend it the physical characteristics suited to reducing surface vibration. Adapts to...
Acustilastic-N Insulation
A recycled pressed rubber panel for the insulation of solid or structural vibrations, ideal for the construction of floating floors. Acustilastic-N is the best ...
PKB-2 Acoustic Insulation
PKB-2® is an insulating composite material made of a bituminous base layer, both heavy and flexible, and a porous layer made of textile fibers, thus increasing...
Acustisol Acoustic Insulation
Acustisol is an insulating and absorbing material made of an elastomeric layer and a substrate made of rubber fragments that give it its characteristic vibratio...

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