Rockfon Acoustic Ceilings

Rockfon Acoustic Ceilings

ROCKFON is a leading supplier of stone wool ceiling and wall solutions. Discovered on Hawaii at the beginning of the 20th century, stone wool is a natural byproduct of volcanic activity, making it a renewable and plentiful resource.

Rockfon - Pacific
Pacific is ideally suited to a simple, basic ceiling when standard sound absorption is required.
Rockfon - Artic
Artic tiles has the smooth, white surface, the back fleece from the glass fiber and painted side edges.
Rockfon - Tropic
Attractive smooth white surface tiles which provide excellent acoustics in a range of areas.
Rockfon - Color-all
When creating a desired atmosphere, the use of colour increases design flexibility. The Rockfon Color‑all range comprises 34 exclusive colours, from subtle to...
Rockfon - Blanka
ROCKFON Blanka has a deep-matt, smooth, super-white surface with high light reflection and light diffusion, contributing to energy savings and a bright and comf...
Rockfon - VertiQ
VertiQ is an acoustic wall solution made of a 40mm stone wool panel. The visible surface is covered with a woven fleece, which provides an aesthetically pleasin...

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